Abdulkadir-H.-HamitogluHAK Group Construction
is a big Turkish company founded in partnership of well-known Turkish constructor H. Abdulkadir Hamitoğlu’s sons, with Russian and Azerbaijani businessmen. The company has become one of the most powerful in the region and has gained respect on the international market. Currently, the group consists of Russian Alloc Stroyka and NST-Ceramics companies, ALA Seramik construction company from Alanya, My Shop textile shops, furniture manufactory, domestic and foreign trade companies.

Our company has successfully established the reinforced concrete structures manufacturing with all the necessary staff and equipment. The majority of our equipment, used in reinforced concrete manufacturing, are steel formwork systems. The advantages of these systems are labor safety, construction’s aesthetic look, production rate and easiness. The majority of the workers involved in our projects are full-time employees of the company and do not work as sub-contractors for the other companies. Despite all the costs, our company chooses the quality of work and standards of production, and prefers to work with our own professional team.r.

Apart from numerous hotels, apartments, offices and non-standard designs in Alanya, HAK Group Construction is involved in dozens of other projects such as restoration works, villas and luxury mansions construction. The fundamental approach of our company is to make our customers 100% satisfied with our work.

To build a secure future, HAK Group Construction, with its domestic and foreign partners, professional team and energy, is ready to work harder and more productively. Come to us, and we will realize your dreams and projects into reality together.

HAK Group Construction